14.Apr.14 1 week ago

April Six

I am messy
I take things for granted
I love nature
And litter
A hippocrate
Will lie to prove a point
Out of control
And prideful
I pray you can hear my apology in these broken words.

06.Apr.14 2 weeks ago

April Five

I saw my daughter in a tree today.
I wasn’t worried
I knew she would be fine
She was born with a wild side
Hair like cotton and aloe
Skin carved from the purest elk
Smoothed by milk
And bronzed by the sun
God took time to create her
Something so beautiful
So fragile
I know he will never let fall.

05.Apr.14 2 weeks ago
04.Apr.14 2 weeks ago
04.Apr.14 2 weeks ago

April Four

I can’t afford you

you are spoiled

and you only see the world through your own eyes

I tried to teach you

though you may see the sunset

somewhere someone else sees it rise.

04.Apr.14 2 weeks ago

April Three

My closet is full of memories

long tees

jean shirts

ripped jeans call it their home

skeletons who still have meat on their bones

and I own it all

I rather keep my secrets on hangers

than have them whispered by the walls.

04.Apr.14 2 weeks ago

April Two

Yesterday I slept.

got upset,


went to the lake, and I wasn’t mad anymore

had a fight with water.


played video games

practiced with my family

got disappointed

then excited

tag in an abandoned auditorium

got drunk

and went skinny dipping.

They say the future is greater than the past

Today I slept….  

02.Apr.14 3 weeks ago

April One

Never write down your days

Live them.

Live them in moments

in minutes 

make every second dance.

play in your plans

sing in your sins

a dying man can tell you how short life is at the end.

Do whatever you have to do, 

so you can smile before you close your eyes.

02.Apr.14 3 weeks ago